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tulips, floral, still life, turquoise, wall art, original painting
acrylic on canvas

I purchased four, yes four, bunches of tulips from a local store. When one can't choose just one color - why not choose FOUR?! I no sooner got them in vases when the clamoring began. I never realized how tenacious these beauties can be. They threatened me with the (not very original) "Henry the 8th" trick and that was enough to have me paint their "portraits" in not one but three, yes count them, THREE different poses on three separate canvases. You will not ever hear a complaint from me, however, even when I admit to several days and two "all-nighters" in the process. We had quite a time together, these tulips and I. They put up with my unskilled but joyful singing and dancing as I accepted the fact that tulips do not last forever while watching their stems tire and their petals drop away. I am reminded that we always have our memories and in this case it must be said that my great affection for these tulips remains.

acrylic on 36x18 gallery profile canvas
painted sides do not require framing
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