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There is more to you than meets the eye - your outsides aren't the clue.
It matters not from whence you came - it's where you're headed to.
When all around you darkness falls with steps ahead unclear
it's not your sight that leads you forth but something you must hear.
So what looks out must now look in and that is where you'll find
that darkness never really came and you were never blind.
It's when you finally realize that eyes don't run the show
that what is stirring in your heart will tell you where to go.
So even with a wooden leg you still can win the race.
It's not what seems to slow you down - it's how you choose your pace
So fast or slow or in between, it matters not you see -
but rather what your heart desires and how you set them free.

SOLD Pinocchio
SOLD Pinocchio
Watercolor / ink